Monday, 25 April 2016

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

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Facebook Shortcuts Which You Didn't Know

Keystrokes for different browsers on different OS :-

  •  Windows - All Browsers excepted FireFox  : ALT + Character
                     FireFox : ALT + Shift + Character

  •  OS X - FireFox : Function + Ctrl + Character 
              Other Browsers : Ctrl + Character

Characters :- 

  •  M - Open New Chat Message
  •  1 - Facebook Home Page or News feed
  •  2 - Open Own Profile
  •  3 - Open Friends Requests
  •  4 - Open Messages 
  •  5 - All Notifications 
  •  6 - Open General Account Settings
  •  7 - Open Activity Log 
  •  8 - Facebook Official Page 
  •  9 - Facebook Terms & Policies
  •  0 - Facebook Help Desk 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

WhatsApp amazing features which probably you didn't know !!

Hide Your Last Seen Time 

By default, WhatsApp show your the last time you've visited the app. But WhatsApp also provide a feature to hide your Last seen  Time. To enable it head to Settings > Account >Privacy, and Tap on the Last seen, and change the option to Contacts or Nobody.                                                                                                                      

Add a Shortcut of any chat or group chat to your home screen
Hold a press on a group or chat to open the menu, and select the 'Add Chat Shortcut' option. That's it.

Save your Data by disabling media from auto-download :-  
Go to Settings> Chat settings > Media auto-download, and specify these options in Mobile-data, Wi-Fi, and Roaming. 

When your Message has been read 
Long press on the sent message, then select the (i) Icon to when was your message has been read.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Convert Audio or Video file in VLC Media Player

VLC media player is one of the most favourite and popular media player. Here's one more feature of VLC you didn't know. That is, you can convert your video file to audio or any lower format of video using your VLC. Now, you don't need to download any converter.
Here are the some steps to convert your video file.


Step 1: Left click on "Search Windows"
Step 2: Type "VLC" and click on the VLC media player
Step 3: Click on the "Media" in the VLC media Player.

 Step 4: Click on "Convert / Save...' in the Menu bar.

 Step 6: Now, click on Add... (button) in "Open Media".

Step 7: Select your Video which you want to convert and Open it.  

Step 8: Click on the Convert/save or press CTRL + O . 
Step 9: Now, in settings, choose the profile format you want to convert. 

Step 10: In the Destination, select the destination you where you want to save your file. 

Step 11: Now the final step, Click on "Start" in the current window.

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Stop Getting Someone’s Updates Without Unfriending Them

Sometimes, few Facebook friend's posts aren't interesting or annoying our news feed but other side we don't want to unfriend them. So here's the tip :-

  1. Go to their Facebook profile.
  2. Click on Following bar and "Unfollow" him or her. 
That's it, now your news feed is free from worthless posts.

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