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WHO : Limit Headphone Time To 1 Hour A Day

The World Health Organization recently said that over 1.1 Billion people around 18 - 25 ages are at risk of hear loss due to overuse of personalaudiodevices such as Headphones and Earphones. And also because of High-Volume music at Bars, Clubs, And Concerts. Hearing loss has potentially devastating results for physical and mental health, education and employment.

How to Prevent this ?

WHO recommends that the highest level of noise should be 85dB only up to 8 hours a day. People should wear ear plugs whenever they visit any concert, night club or bars or anywhere there is loud noise.
WHO also recommends teenagers to limit their listening time to less than one hour a day. You can also use smartphone applications, to monitor safe listening levels.

Some Smartphone Apps :-
  For Android :-  deciBel  , Sound Decibel Meter
  For iOS :- TooLoud Pro , dB Volume Meter
  For Windows Phone :- Audio Meter , Decibel Meter

Source :-

Scare Your Facebook Friends

Are you bored of texting ?? Or do you wanna prank your friends.
Here, I have a very exciting idea to make them SCARE !!!

Simple just copy the link :- it to any of your friends inbox and text them to open the link.

 When they'll open it, a message will display this is not for faint heart..and after few seconds..They'll got goosebumps..

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Indian Inventors Who Shaped Today's Computers

When we come to computers and technology, the first things comes in our mind are Microsoft's Bill Gates and Apple .Inc 's Steve Jobs.
But behind their success there were some INDIAN inventors who also contributed to shape today's Personal Computers.

VA Shiva Ayyadurai

Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian origin boy, invented this technology in 1978. When he was just 14 years old then he developed a full-scale emulation of the interoffice mail system. He named it an " E-mail " system. His E-mail system has every functions of the interoffice mail system such as Inbox, Folders, Outbox, and etc etc. 

Ajay Bhatt

First of all, watch the video.
Portrayed Ad. of Ajay Bhatt
After watching the video, probably you've been sure of what was he co-invented, USB. But that's not the complete fact, he also co-invented few more things such as AGP(Accelerated Graphic Port), PCI Express.  Some words by Ajay Batt, "My dream come true with getting the opportunity to shape the future of the…

How to use any sim in a dongle/ USB modem without unlocking it !!

Here's a very effecting and easy way to use any sim in dongle/Usb modem.

Just follow the following steps :-

 Download the Nokia PC Suite ( ←Click There)Install the suite on your PC.Now, insert the sim in your dongle and plug in the PC. The dongle will show an error message "INVALID SIM", Just ignore it !Close the default software/client given by the modem.Open Nokia PC suite.Click on Internet Option.Last, Select your modem as Phone Modem 8.  Now, It'll connect to the Internet, but make you have Internet Data pack in your sim.

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YouTube Facts That Blow Your Mind !!

YouTube is the world's biggest and most popular video sharing website. It is owned by Google, and Google's user can use  this website like Uploading video, commenting on videos and likes or dislikes.
Actually It was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.
Let's us see, some amazing facts that you can't digest about YouTube.

 As you read above, YouTube was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. The facts is that they were the employees of PayPal when they created Youtube. The First YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, feat. it's co founder Jawed Karim at a Zoo. Every minute, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. It is estimated that it would take 1,700 years to watch every video of YouTube. YouTube has over a Billion users, almost one third of the all people on the Internet. In 2011, YouTube surpassed 1 Trillion views.  The longest video on YouTube is 571 hours, 1 Minute and 41 seconds long.  YouTube is the second la…

How To Avoid Accidental Clicks While Typing On Laptop

Are you annoyed of accidental clicks while typing on laptop ? If yes, you're at right place.
There might have been such times when you're typing on your laptop and suddenly your palm brushes the touch-pad, which cause the cursor to jump to a random location on screen. Maybe it sounds, a bit familiar, but it is very annoying, it break the concentration when you're typing any important thing.

Finally, you can disable your touch-pad while typing, just by using a free software called TouchFreeze.
It is very simple and light software  for the purpose. It starts automatically when windows starts and runs silently in the background.
So, when you start typing, it automatically disables the touch-pad and gives you a hassle-free typing.
It is just 268KB in size, download it right now. Happy Typing !!

Click Here To Download Comment down below your review about this Free-Software.

Useful Things You Can Do On Google Search

Our favourite and most popular search engine is Google search. It can do some useful things that will really help you. From calculation to translation. Google Search is becoming an essential tool for everyone from a student to a businessman.
Let us see what useful things you can do on Google Search :-
Pronounce Big Numbers :-   Google search can teach you to pronounce Big Numbers Up to 13-Digits. All  you need to do is type your number, then type equals button (=) and English.
Handwriting Translation :- Go to Google Translator website, select your languages and then click on the on the PENCIL icon beside Mic. Then input handwriting.
Use It Like A Calculator :- You can direct search for any calculation is the search bar eg - 5*7, 9/3, sin (pi/2) etc. Or just type 'Calculator' in the search bar, a useful virtual calculator will be appear.
Google Tip Calculator :- Yes, tip calculator. You can calculate how much percent tip do you wanna give  to the waiter. Type 'Tip Calculator…

Fascinating Facts About GooGle You Didn't Know Before

Google is become a part of our lifestyle. When we need to search anything, the first thing come in our mind is Google. Let us read out some exciting facts of the Google, I bet you didn't know most the facts below.

Google was originally named as "Backrub!".Google is the incorrect form of 'Googol' which mean number 1 with 100 zeroes behind it. Every minute, 2 million (20 lakhs) searches are performed on Google.Since 2010, Google is acquiring 2 companies every month. See the full list of companies acquired by Google, click here.   In 2004, Gmail was introduced with 2GB of cloud storage while Hotmail offered only 2MB. (Unbelievable!!! )Google consists of 9 Million of servers.On August 16 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and during this. the global internet traffic dropped by 40%.Type "I want to suicide " in Google search. It will display a suicide helpline number of your country above all the results.Every minute, average 270,000 words are written in Blo…

Did You Know Your Android Phone's Camera Is More Than Just A Camera !!

We generally use phone's camera to take pictures & videos. But your phone's camera can do much more than this. You can solve your mathematics problems, translate languages, measure heights and much more.

You can translate foreign language text to your language. You just need to install an app. Install Google Translate from Google play and translate any language you want. This is very useful when you're touring abroad.
Search anything by using your phone's Camera Sometimes, We don't know anything about the some thing or place like it's name, and etc etc. But now, you don't need to ask anyone, Just capture a image of the thing or place with Google Goggles and get every details about it in your hand.

You can use your phone as surveillance camera.IP Webcam can make your phone's camera a spy or surveillance camera.

Measure You Heartbeat Rate  It is true that you can measure your Heart beat rate using phone's camera. Download Instant Heart Rate, and open…

Wonderful Tips & Tricks for Google Chrome

When we come to browsers, the first name click in our minds is, Chrome. Yes, Google Chrome is the most popular and most impressive browser ever I had used. Now, the question is, How much do you know you browser? Don't worry. Here are some exciting tips and tricks for you to master your favourite browser, Google Chrome.  For Fast and easy access use keyboard shortcuts :- Use browser shortcuts Urls :-             Bookmarks page - chrome://bookmarks             History page - chrome://history             Settings page - chrome://settings             Extensions page - chrome://extensions Use incognito mode for private browsing :-          For private browsing you need to switch your chrome to incognito mode. Just press Ctrl + Shift + N, a new window will appear which will don't make any history of your browsing.
Pin your favourite tab :-          Right click on your tab and select "Pin Tab" in the menu. Use Omnibox for faster searching :-       Usually we use for…

Simple but very effective hacks !!

Simple but very very helpful and beneficial hacks that you can do. It will definitely made your life easy. You can also show your friends your smartness by using these Hacks. Without wasting the time, Read the whole list and do as written.

Put your phone on Airplane mode before you're going to play games because it block the ads.Have you accidentally closed the tab? Don't worry. Just press CTRL + SHIFT + T .Did you know your Google Chrome has it's own Task Manager ? Just press SHIFT + ESC .Do you wanna buy cheapest Air line tickets online? Use incognito mode in your browser while booking tickets.If you think someone is giving you incorrect phone number. Just read it back incorrectly. If they correct, the number is legit.Just type "awesome" when you're playing any video on YouTube. The seek bar will blink with different colors.If you buy something on amazon and it's price goes down within 30 days, just e-mail them what you have bought and how much you paid…

How to use Facebook Mobile Version via Pc ?

Hello, I will tell you how to use your facebook account through your PC but as mobile version.
It's very easy, just go to address bar in your browser and just type .
There are amazing benefits of using mobile version in your pc.

If you're using USB modem or Dongle for Internet, it save your data.Your friends will see you as you're active with mobile but you aren't.If loads faster than PC version because it uses very less data.New exciting interface, if you're bored with old browser Facebook. 
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Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

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Facebook Shortcuts Which You Didn't Know

Keystrokes for different browsers on different OS :- Windows - All Browsers excepted FireFox  : ALT + Character                      FireFox : ALT + Shift + Character

OS X - FireFox : Function + Ctrl + Character                Other Browsers : Ctrl + Character
Characters :-  M - Open New Chat Message1 - Facebook Home Page or News feed2 - Open Own Profile3 - Open Friends Requests4 - Open Messages 5 - All Notifications 6 - Open General Account Settings7 - Open Activity Log 8 - Facebook Official Page 9 - Facebook Terms & Policies0 - Facebook Help Desk

WhatsApp amazing features which probably you didn't know !!

Hide Your Last Seen Time  By default, WhatsApp show your the last time you've visited the app. But WhatsApp also provide a feature to hide your Last seen  Time. To enable it head to Settings > Account >Privacy, and Tap on the Last seen, and change the option to Contacts or Nobody.

Add a Shortcut of any chat or group chat to your home screen Hold a press on a group or chat to open the menu, and select the 'Add Chat Shortcut' option. That's it.

Save your Data by disabling media from auto-download :-   Go to Settings> Chat settings > Media auto-download, and specify these options in Mobile-data, Wi-Fi, and Roaming. 
When your Message has been read  Long press on the sent message, then select the (i) Icon to when was your message has been read.

Convert Audio or Video file in VLC Media Player

VLC media player is one of the most favourite and popular media player. Here's one more feature of VLC you didn't know. That is, you can convert your video file to audio or any lower format of video using your VLC. Now, you don't need to download any converter.
Here are the some steps to convert your video file.

Steps Step 1: Left click on "Search Windows" Step 2: Type "VLC" and click on the VLC media player Step 3: Click on the "Media" in the VLC media Player.

Step 4: Click on "Convert / Save...' in the Menu bar.
 Step 6: Now, click on Add... (button) in "Open Media".
Step 7: Select your Video which you want to convert and Open it. 

Step 8: Click on the Convert/save or press CTRL + O . Step 9: Now, in settings, choose the profile format you want to convert. 

Step 10: In the Destination, select the destination you where you want to save your file. 

Step 11: Now the final step, Click on "Start" in the current window.
Read m…